Square Pipe and Tubing
Square Tube is most commonly used for ornamental fence, gates, greenhouses, OEM projects and more.
Our tubing meets ASTM specifications on the wall thickness and outside diameters.
Operating 5 tube mills, there is no job to small or large to complete.
We can also color-coat or galvanize any size pipe.
Manufacturing options include: Hot Dip, Pre-Galvanized, Polyester (color) and Heavy Mill (color):
Domestic Hot Dip

Hot-Dip Galvanized pipe is formed before being galvanized and coated with a clear outside finish. This protects the materials from white rust and corrosion. Meets or exceeds ASTM F1083 and ASTM F1043.


Pre-Galvanized pipe is made from Domestic hot-dipped galvanized flat sheet. It is treated with a conversion coating and then coated with a clear top coat. It exceeds the coating requirement of ASTM F1043, Group 1C.

Polyester & Heavy Mill

Polyester/Polyolefin has a stage 5 pre-treatment wash to prepare the pipe for the electro-static polyester/polyolefin coating process. It meets the requirements of ASTM F1043 and ASTM F1083.

PVC Heavy Mill

PVC Heavy Mill is cleaned and primed before being preheated in an oven and then dipped into a fluidized bath where the PVC powder bonds to the steel pipe. It meets the requirements of ASTM F1043.

Standard Pipe Colors

Our standard colors are galvanized, black, brown, green, and woodland. We can customize any framework with any color.
Contact a local branch or your sales person for more information.

Square/Rectangle Pipe Weights, Wall & Gauge Charts
Small SPS Square Weights per Ft
Class .047 (18ga) .065 (16ga) .080 (14ga) .109 (12ga)
3/4" Sq .4494 .6055
.975" Sq .8044 .9738
1" Sq .6092 .8265
1-1/4" Sq 1.0483 1.2730
1-1/2" Sq 1.2690 1.5500
2" Sq 1.7110 2.0890 2.7061
2-1/2" Sq 2.7303 3.5450

Large SPS Square Weights per Ft
Class .109 (12ga) .120 (11ga) .1875 3/16 .250 1/4
3" Sq 4.1341
4" Sq 6.3322
6" Sq 14.8219 19.55

SPS Rectangle Weights per Ft
Class .047 (18ga) .065 (16ga) .080 (14ga) .120 (11ga)
1x2" Rect 1.2685
2x3" Rect 2.6330 3.8842
2x4" Rect 3.1770