P.O. Box 618 / 2224 E Hwy 619
Russell Springs, KY 42642
(270) 866-3331 / (800) 451-2612
Sportswear Bldg Voice: (270) 866-2242
Sportswear Bldg Fax: (270) 866-8442
Sportswear Bldg Fax: (270) 866-8603
Ballenger Bldg Voice/Fax (Call first): (270) 866-3418
Main Fax: (270) 866-4412
Copy Room Fax: (270) 866-3334
Credit Fax: (270) 866-3350
Accounting Fax: (270) 866-4406
Payroll Fax: (270) 858-2517
Roger Stocton Fax: (270) 866-8820
Purchasing Fax (Donna J): (270) 866-4426

Russell Springs, KY Team:

Stephens Pipe and Steel has grown to become one of the nation's largest fencing and distribution / manufacturing companies with over 4,000 customers in 45 states. We have 16 locations serving the U.S. and Canada.
Terry Stephens, Owner
With fourteen fully stocked locations and a fleet of trucks, we are ready to serve your fence material needs with speed and quality.

Ted Eysenbach, General Manager

Dale Long, Executive

Brook Cochran, Assist Manager

Debbie Bray, Exec Assist

Melissa Wade, Exec Assist

Grayson Pennington, Exec Assist

Robyn Cochran, General Counsel


Vicki Loy

Treva Cowell

Kim Vanderbilt

Accounts Receivable:

Kim Burns

Bridget Emerson

Becca Bounds

Heather Withers

Shaylen Shaw

Accounts Payable:

Donna Shaw

Shannon Shepard

Becky Robertson

Amy Wooldridge

Angela Lawson

Credit Department:

Paula Barnes

Keshia Gosser

Elizabeth Rzad

Patsy Stapp

Sherry Samples

Madison Swords

Customer Billing:

Gary Emerson, Adm. Asst

Shannon Cain

Lacey Holt

Pam Stephens

Dispatch / Transportation:

Cindy West

Joyce Kelsey

Dale Burton

Billy Edge

Keith Luttrell

Jeff Reeder


Freda Mathis

Tammy Sinclair

Jennifer Sanford

Morgan Miniard


Donna Johnson

Rachel Luttrell

Greg Lawson

Eric Withers


Laure Irvin

Veronica Austin

Carolyn Thomas

KY Sales Team:

Josh Adams

Peggy Adams

Shanna Allen

Chris Antle

Peggy Bailey

Larry Blair

Chris Clay

Tyler Cochran

Wes Compton

Hannah Conner

Mark Flanagan

Kyle Garner

Tiffany Garner

David Gaskin

Jodie Giles

Alex Gosser

James Grider

Melaine Holt

Pat Hopper

Melissa Kulac

Bobbie Long

Adam Mann

Alex Mann

William Murray

Charles Newland

Tara Newland

Michael Perkerson

Sky Powell

Tiffany Reynolds

Carla Roy

David Schafer

Mark Shepard

Roger Stocton

Kim Swords

Jordan Veach

Kendra Wilkerson

Mark Wilkerson

Scott Wilkerson

Ken Wilson

Misty Anderson
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