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Direct Burial:  Preformed Direct Burial Loop Used for installations under concrete, asphalt, pavers, or gravel roads. The most common installation is the loop tied directly to the rebar before concrete is poured. Wire is UL 493 certified designed for a direct burial application. Unlike loops wrapped through PVC, The BD Loop does not have an air pocket resulting in fewer repeat service calls due to phantom detections caused by ground vibration. Built with a high quality solid 14AWG wire out performing other preformed loops with twice as much copper per foot allowing higher detections. Solid 14AWG wire also results in the loop being very ridged giving the installer the opportunity to easily set-up and layout the loop and prevents the loop from falling in-between the rebar patter. Twisted jacketed lead-in prevents “coil back” from normal twisted lead-in, preventing wasted time untangling lead-in wires. The loop wire has arrows indicating the direction of current allowing easy understanding of phasing. Each loop comes with an installation kit including easy to understand instructions, cable ties for installation on top of rebar, ground stakes for under gravel roads, and stickers for easy identification after the loops have been installed.

Recommended installation tips:
* Offset the loop from the rebar pattern.
* Run lead-in through conduit.
* Residential applications recommend a 4’ short leg of the loop.
* Commercial application recommend a 6’ short leg of the loop.

E-Z Detector Checker: a fully functional loop that fits into your hand used for servicing gates. The E-Z Detector Checker checks if the loop is being properly energized, the harness wiring, and the detector itself. The device does not require batteries and is incased in tough PVC. Comes with lead-in with a fuse attached that store in the back of the unit. Small, compact and easily fits in your truck. It is the only device of its kind that can pinpoint what is wrong with a gate system.

Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool: Easily Roll Saw-Cut Loops to the Bottom of the Saw-Cut Groove. Many loop installers use screwdrivers, paint mixers, sticks, or other tools to stuff saw-cut loops into saw-cut grooves. These tools are not only inefficient, they can knick the loop wire and cause the loop to short to ground. Save your back and knees with the Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool! The BD Loops Pizza Wheel and Wedge Tool allows installers to quickly and easily roll loop wire into the bottom of the saw-cut groove while standing. It is made of smooth and durable PVC that will not knick the loop wire. The wedge tool allows installers to easily push wire down into 135 dog eared corner cuts. Roller is 1/8" thick, works best with BD Loops Preformed Saw-Cuts.

Preformed 3/16” Saw-cut Loop: Used for saw-cut installations where a 3/16” groove is cut into the concrete or asphalt and the wire is stuffed and sealed (using loop sealent) into the surface. Custom polyethylene outer jacket protects a micro-dusted nylon coated inner jacketed 16AWG stranded wire. The saw-cut loop has a built in backer-rod securely fitting a 3/16” saw-cut groove eliminating the need to apply backer-rod to hold the loop to the bottom of the saw-cut groove and requires 30-40% less loop sealant to seal the groove. The entire loop including the lead-in fits within a 3/16” saw-cut groove preventing wasted time spent double saw-cutting or doubling blades to cut the home run lead-in. The only preformed saw-cut loop with a true installation kit designed to ensure a perfectly size cut every time. See more about the TB-Kit.

Recommended installation tips:
* Works best with 3/16" saw-cut blade or wider. (Does not work with 1/8" blade.)
* Can be used with 1/4" blade.
* Use the TB-Kit to ensure the groove is cut exactly every time.
* Loop should only be installed black side up to ensure phasing direction matches.
* Align loop over saw-cut groove before insertion into the groove will prevent having to pull up and realign a “tight-fitting” loop.

Take the guess work out of installing preformed saw-cut loops.
Template Block Kit (TB-KIT) is made to work with BD Loops 3/16" preformed saw-cut detection loops. Included in this kit are the following:
* 4 corner blocks with T- pins to make any size loop
* Pizza roller with ¾ inch PVC coupler for handle
* Caulk line with 1/8 inch T bar
* 2 each 1/8 inch masonry bit
* 2 each Soap stone marker
* 135 degree wedge tool
* Can of clear spray
* Custom tool bag

Saw Blades: All of the saw blades are 14” in diameter. Can be used in machines up to 25 horsepower.

Concrete Blades:
Concrete blades have a soft bond and are designed to be used in hard materials such as concrete, concrete with reinforced bar, block, brick, hard brick, pavers, clay pavers and field stones. Using a concrete blade in abrasive surfaces like asphalt will cause the blade to wear quickly.

Asphalt Blades:
Asphalt blades have a hard bond and are designed to be used only in abrasive material like asphalt. Using an asphalt blade in a surface like concrete can cause the blade to crack and possibly damage the saw-cut machine.

Combo Blades:
Combo blades have a medium bond and can be used in both asphalt and concrete. Combo blades will not cut as quickly as the specialized surface blades will, but if you find yourself cutting into both types of surfaces often they are a worthwhile investment.

National Loop Company: Loop Info PreformedSawcut Style.pdf
Gate Op Layout: GateOpLayout.pdf

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